Change for the better.

I asked my clients, “What has improved since working with me and my team?” Here’s some of what they said.

Zuricka's talent sourcing is unparalleled. She introduced us to a coding genius from Napier who has helped us upgrade our tech stack and become the driving force behind our embedded application testing framework.

Sam L.

Lead Tech Engineer

Working with Zuricka has been a decision I find valuable for our team. She played a pivotal role in streamlining our hiring process, offering guidance beyond technical expertise. Zuricka and her team have successfully sourced for us our mobile iOS developer, test engineer and big data developer.

Carl J.

Chief Information Officer

I’m a 40-something full-stack software developer with wide and varied development experience. My family and I emigrated to New Zealand from the UK in 2016 and are now living the dream in rural Waikato: A dream that would never have been possible in the UK.

Quite simply, I just wanted to detangle myself and my family from the UK and find a better quality of life. I'd been in development for 15+ years and my existing role had reached a critical mass of unfulfillment. In terms of new employment, the biggest challenge for me as a non-resident was just getting an interview with an NZ employer or even replies from applications submitted.

Zuricka was the only employment agent that actually engaged with me to provide job opportunities, and was instrumental in securing an interview for me. I am still with that company 5 years on. All other employment agents I talked to took a passive role, just adding my name to their mailing list. Zuricka took a proactive approach, and her communication with myself and the employer was exemplary at every stage of what was a very stressful process.

Mark B

Senior PHP Software Engineer

I am Prabath, and I'm working as Lead DevOps Engineer at a larger Company in NZ now. I have worked in many international companies in Sri Lanka. When I was in Sri Lanka, my wife and I decided to migrate to New Zealand and our first option was finding sponsorship from a New Zealand employer. Therefore we were browsing on the internet for job opportunities. Most recruiters and companies did not respond back to me. So we were fed up with job searching in New Zealand and we had decided to apply for Singapore or Europe opportunities.

At that time I got to know about Zuricka from one of my best friends who lives in New Zealand. One day, Zuricka sent me an email and informed me about a job opportunity. After a couple of days, she scheduled the first interview. It was a good technical interview and right after that, Zuricka scheduled the second interview with CIO and it happened so quickly. Once I finished the CIO interview, I waited three days to get the result, and it felt like three years for me.

Three days after the interview, Zuricka contacted me and told me the interview was a success and that I had been selected for the opportunity and I should pack my stuff and be ready for the dream we were waiting for!

That was one of the happiest moments in our lives and it was a turning point of my life. Zurikca and her Team guided me through this path and I'm sure without their guidance we won't be able to accomplish our dream and I highly recommend Zuricka for IT Engineers who are interested in tech jobs in New Zealand.

Prabath D.

Senior DevOps Engineer

StraightUp has always helped us, from when we were a 5 personal team to now growing our engineering team over the years.

It all started when we were looking for our first DevOps engineer. Today, we work closely whenever we need to find senior talent for our engineering team. The team's approach has directly influenced the way we look and plan for talent within our engineering team.

Oliver T

Software Manager

StraightUp stands out for its personalized approach to recruitment. Their lean approach to recruitment goes beyond the conventional recruitment style.

They understood the tech stack, challenged us on our core requirements, and identified the gaps we absolutely needed help with.

They efficiently connected us with skilled engineers from different parts of NZ, interested in remote roles. Thanks to StraightUp, we've successfully hired a UX designer, Javascript Engineer, and Power BI developer. We rely on them for all our engineering needs.

Sunil P.


I am Earl, I'm married to the most beautiful woman, and we have the wittiest daughter in the world. I'm happiest when I'm with my family and I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I have been in the software development industry for over a decade now. I had hoped to come to work and settle in New Zealand with my family.

Zuricka played a very vital role in my New Zealand employment journey to New Zealand from the Philippines. She held my hand through the whole process, giving me enough confidence to go through each of the intimidating stages of the employment process. She coached and trained me on what to say and focus on, to make my answers clearer but still sound impressive. We practiced before each interview and gave me enough information about who will interview me and some recommendations on how I would approach each specific interviewer.

In the end we were successful, I landed the job and she even helped me through the visa application process, not just with the New Zealand government, but with the Philippine government as well. No one has a better chance of getting into New Zealand than working with Zuricka and her team. 


Senior C# Software Engineer

I am Rajesh, born and brought up in Nepal. I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in IT in 2015. I had more than 8 years of IT experience before coming to NZ. Currently, I am working as an Application Developer.

The biggest challenge was to crack interviews and get a job in the IT Sector in NZ. That was the time I came to know Zuricka through one of my close friends.

Before meeting with Zuricka, I had interviewed more than 15 companies but no luck. The day when I got connected with Zuricka, that was the best day ever I can say in my whole NZ stay so far. She is a down to earth person and always offers help. She helped me with feeling confident when attending the interviews and the emails back and forth to prepare for the interview. In brief, I can say that each and every single step I took during that time, she was there for me. I do not have enough words to thank her.

Definitely I recommend all the engineers to work with StraightUp without any second thought in my mind. If you do you will get benefited across all the aspects from being confident for the interview to negotiation and having a roadmap for your career.


Senior C# Applications Engineer

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