I used to want to change the world. Then I realized that I need to wake up to my own inner power, do what I was meant to be and a new world will be revealed.

[My Founding Story]

The Egoic Mind Spiel

Over the past decade, I've played a pivotal role in transforming failed projects into successful ventures for some of New Zealand's top companies, focusing on both revenue goals and building lean teams. My journey began as a business process consultant.

My best friend and I also co-launched a web data analytics backend application for the manufacturing sector. We bootstrapped the venture and built a thriving business around it, eventually selling the system for a profit.

I did all of this for 10+ years.

Then, in 2016

A daunting question hit me: “What am I doing all this for?”

That moment marked the beginning of my journey for a more minimalist, slow lifestyle, moving from the hustle and bustle of city life to the country lifestyle in New Zealand. 

The Down-to-Earth Spiel:

Today, I have stripped away everything that doesn’t serve me and made a living as a solopreneur, running two beautiful, profitable businesses.

One is StraightUp a tech recruitment firm based in NZ.

The other is a global online initiative empowering individuals to shift their inner identity to build a life by consciously choosing the kind of life they wish to create.

In all my ventures, collaboration with like-minded individuals is vital. Together, we run substantial stress-free initiatives, share profits, have fun, positively impact our planet, and relish life.

When I'm not working, I channel my energy towards caring for animals. I also share insights on conscious wealth creation, mentor early-stage founders, and grow my wealth to make meaningful contributions to animals.

I've come to understand that while thoughts, desires, power titles and fame are temporary, our actions stand the test of time.

I value transparent, straight conversations over inauthentic diplomacy and prefer a simple life to stay laser-focused.

What I have chosen to walk away from…

  • Chaos
  • Competing for the 1st spot
  • Living to look good in the eyes of society

What I enjoy…

  • My Family, Friends.
  • Breathing/Movement
  • Slow eating of my meals
  • Meditation, Retreats, Tech Events.
  • Operating on an Abundant Lean Model.
  • Books, Museums, Libraries, Documentaries, Movies.
  • Large spaces with greenery, clouds, birds, soil, you get the picture
  • Being Rich Financially, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
  • Nature – Trees, Forests, Water, Fire, Rocks, Animals, Geyser Caves, Mountains.
  • Associating with humans who are humble, down-to-earth, and purpose-driven.

I look forward to serving you.

Together, let us build a future that helps us live a life of meaning.

Ciao , Namaste..🙏

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