[My Founding Story]

The world knows me as Zuricka.

I live a minimalist lifestyle and enjoy nature.
I started StraightUp in 2016 with one goal to contribute to NZ tech sector by bridging the shortage tech talent gap.

My career began as a a business process consultant where I've played a pivotal role in transforming failed projects into successful ventures for some of New Zealand's top companies.

My best friend and I also co-launched a web data analytics backend application for the manufacturing sector. We bootstrapped the venture and built a thriving business around it, eventually selling the system for a profit.

I did all of this for 10+ years prior to starting StraightUp as a tech recruitment firm.

Today, I have stripped away everything that doesn’t serve me running two beautiful, profitable businesses.

I used to want to change the world. Then I realized that I need to wake up to my own inner power, do what I was meant to be and a new world will be revealed.

I've come to understand that while thoughts, desires, power titles and fame are temporary, our actions stand the test of time.

I value transparent, straight conversations over inauthentic diplomacy and prefer a simple life to stay laser-focused.

What I have chosen to walk away from…

  • Chaos
  • Competing for the 1st spot
  • Living to look good in the eyes of society

What I enjoy…

  • My Family, Friends.
  • Breathing/Movement
  • Slow eating of my meals
  • Meditation, Retreats, Tech Events.
  • Operating on an Abundant Lean Model.
  • Books, Museums, Libraries, Documentaries, Movies.
  • Large spaces with greenery, clouds, birds, soil, you get the picture
  • Being Rich Financially, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
  • Nature – Trees, Forests, Water, Fire, Rocks, Animals, Geyser Caves, Mountains.
  • Associating with humans who are humble, down-to-earth, and purpose-driven.

I look forward to serving you.

Together, let us build a future that helps us live a life of meaning.

Ciao , Namaste..🙏

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