For NZ Software Engineers Aiming To Reshape their Career

You are not just a number; you are UNIQUE with immense potential.

I Would Love To Team Up With You:

Don’t let the world tell you who you are or who you should become. We have so much ABUNDANCE and you don’t have to get TRAPPED into other people’s agendas.

Your career path is yours to shape.

It would be my honour to guide you and formulate a strategic career game plan that leads you towards a work life you desire.

I can show you how to win the game of finding the right software job for the phase of life you are in. Together we shall do this by playing with a new rule book instead of the old way of finding work.

Here is the secret.

  • Beyond certifications and coding, today, your mindset, communication skills and awareness hold all the power to attract the right possibilities your way.

    Competition in the tech industry is intense. I understand the frustrations of constantly proving your worth in interviews and the stress accompanying job loss or uncertainty about your life's direction. The struggle of investing hours in a technical test only to hear crickets on the next steps in the interview process is all too familiar.

    If you are in a situation where you feel stuck and you want a breakthrough, then let me help you.
    Let's work together on designing your resume
  • Play with your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses
  • Treat each interview as an opportunity to design your career
  • Communicate and demonstrate how you can profit a software development team

Together, let's embark on a journey to create a "Blue Ocean Strategy," where you define your identity and work purposefully. Your life is precious—don't let it slip away.

Whether you're searching for a job or contemplating a career shift, you can count on me to work with you to map out your professional journey.

Purpose of StraightUp

StraightUp is not just a company; it's a mission that is a company.

We work on focused roles each month. We work with engineers to unleash their intuition, upgrade their subconscious, and architect their career paths.

We don't assess your talent solely on certifications, frameworks, libraries, resumes, cover letters,. Instead, we focus on your actual strenghts, understand the gaps in your career, map out a career path and possible jobs that align with your long term goals.

We can help you perform at your best in interviews so you can feel at ease and have a authenthic conversation and assess if the work environment suits what you are aiming for long term.

Our Approach!

Our KPIs and motivations are different. It's not based on traditional business metrics.

Instead, our focus is on transforming lives and achieving successful retention.


Global Talent Attraction: 

We work with software engineers from NZ and around the world who are eager to contribute to New Zealand businesses, who seek to contribute to a bigger cause rather than just focused on a paycheck or job title.


Collaborative Recruitment Process: 

We collaborate closely with engineering teams, throughout the recruitment process.

In addition we prepare teams to adopt a streamlined and proactive approach, while also assisting key executives in building a brand that attracts top talent.


Collaborative Coaching Process:

We team up with software engineers create a career map, improve their communication, polish their presentation skills, and increase their confidence ahead of interviews.
We run workshops on Identity shifting so that every individual who works with us understands what they are truly after and shift their identity within to achieve the outcome they desire.

Our goal is to ensure they show up fully prepared, giving their utmost effort, rather than merely attending an interview.

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