StraightUp connects you with top-tier software engineers, both local and those migrating to New Zealand

Our goal is to keep things simple and find smart and emotionally intelligent engineers worldwide who want to live and work in New Zealand.

Here‘s a challenge that many well-established NZ businesses face

  • In-house teams spend countless hours sifting through resumes, often ending up with under-qualified applicants.
  • With the rise of remote work, many NZ engineers are headhunted by international companies offering sky-high salaries and working benefits, making local talent harder to find.
  • Highly sought-after local engineers often receive multiple job offers, making it difficult to secure the best fit for your team.
  • Many local engineers who are passionate about contributing to the thriving NZ tech scene are not actively searching for new opportunities.

Having worked with software engineering teams since 2016, I understand the struggle to find top-tier software engineers with specialised skills.

To address this challenge, I've built a network of software engineers, that includes both local and those migrating to New Zealand.

This approach benefits everyone involved:

  • Local Software Engineers:
    These engineers are super passionate about building the New Zealand tech scene. They prioritize making a real impact in New Zealand, not chasing international brands or the highest salaries.

  • Software Engineers Migrating To NZ
    Migrating engineers often choose New Zealand for their lifestyle. These folks are eager to make a mark in their new home, and they bring some serious skills to the table. They're not just technically talented, they have a strong work ethic and are ready to hit the ground running. It's a win-win for everyone!

  • Every Engineer is Highly Skilled
    They've tackled complex projects, have hard-to-find technical skills, and communicate clearly with anyone on your team, no matter their level.

Hi I’m Zuricka

What's Special About StraightUp:

We understand the importance of your time because, like you, we have families too.

If you'd prefer to connect with skilled, dedicated software engineers who not only match your team culture but also contribute to ROI, and exhibit traits like emotional intelligence, loyalty, and a disciplined mindset, we are the right partner hands down.

Purpose of StraightUp

StraightUp is not just a company; it's a mission that is a company.

Our Mission is to enable lives by matching their strengths with happy workplaces that have a soul.

Each day, we work with software engineers all over the world to unleash their intuition, upgrade their subconscious, and architect their career paths.
We don't assess talent solely on certifications, frameworks, libraries, keyword-filled resumes, cover letters, or buzzwords.

Instead, we focus on individuals' abilities, allowing them to showcase their performance based on their core strengths, passion and interests. We help ethical teams find superhero engineers.

Our business is very much focused on staying present, finding purpose, and not matching jobs with CVs

Our Approach!

Our KPIs and motivations are different. It's not based on traditional business metrics.

Instead, our focus is on transforming lives and achieving successful retention.


Global Talent Attraction: 

We work with software engineers from NZ and around the world who are eager to contribute to New Zealand businesses and who seek to contribute to a bigger cause rather than just focus on a paycheck or job title.


Collaborative Recruitment Process: 

We collaborate closely with engineering teams, throughout the recruitment process.

In addition we prepare teams to adopt a streamlined and proactive approach, while also assisting key executives in building a brand that attracts top talent.


Collaborative Coaching Process:

We team up with software engineers to improve their communication, polish their presentation skills, and increase their confidence ahead of interviews.

We run workshops on Identity shifting so that every individual who works with us understands what they are truly after and shift their identity within to achieve the outcome they desire.

Our goal is to ensure they show up fully prepared, giving their utmost effort, rather than merely attending an interview.

How StraightUp Excels In Sourcing Software Tech Talent

  • We understand how to appeal to Gen Y, Z, X.
  • How to attract and appeal to passive candidates.
  • We mastered the art of having meaningful conversations.
  • We understand the tricks to expand our reach on Linkedin and Google.
  • We understand how to tell a story so a busy software engineer can listen.
  • We understand the power of emotion and emotional recruitment in the tech space.
  • We don’t focus on the number of years of experience but on their hidden skills.
  • We have plugins on our browser at our fingertips to turn every piece of candidate data into valuable information.
  • We source not only from Linkedin or A Job Board but also through alternative methods, be it webinars, Reddit, international referrals, stack overflow, Github, or social media, to name a few.

That’s enough words written.

If you are keen to take this further, the best practical approach is to have an online conversation.

Drop us a friendly email - hello [@] straightup [dot] net [dot] nz

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